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We cover nearly all the Vega Baja region. This is thanks to the two different types of network that we provide, WIMAX by radio frequency or by cable. Currently our WIMAX network is one of the most important in Spain and we have one of the most advanced WIMAX technologies (by radio frequency) which allows us to have a wide range of coverage and that’s why we can offer our clients a high quality signal. You can find all the coverage on our home page or clicking here.

High quality speed. Unfortunately there are many operators in Spain that offer their clients a steady speed which does not always reach its maximum capacity. This means that only in peak times where people are not normally connected is when their clients can really appreciate the speed and the rest of the time the speed is noticeably inferior. We offer a minimum speed of 3 or 6 real megas, including even more speed at specific hours of the day without any additional cost. Furthermore, the amount of megas that we offer is of higher quality due to the fact that we have our own WIMAX network system. You can test our speed but doing a speed test on the web page www.testdevelocidad.es or www.speedtest.net. This test should be done with the cable connection.

It is recommendable that you have a password in that way no one else can connect to your system and access to your Interne

All you will need to do is to look for your username and enter the password that was given to you.
How do I configure my PC to access Internet?

The intensity and signal quality depends on several factors. The most important are: The distance between walls, furniture, etc… this could be the reason for these interferences (usually caused by other wireless networks or wireless equipment for domestic use).

You can connect various computers to our wireless router, however please remember that the more computers you have connected the speed will be spread in between these devices.

WiFi coverage is determined by the configuration and structure of each home, so in some cases coverage may be limited. For example, if the walls of the house are very wide or if there is a big distance between where the wifi router is and where you want to connect, coverage may be affected. It is recommended that you install the router in a place of the house where the signal is stronger. Our technicians will advise you at the time of installation to where you will have a good connection.

Normally the speed test results are slightly below the speed kb contracted due to processing. If the test results are far below the contracted rate, we must verify that there are not more people using your Internet connection and also check that while doing the speed test that you do not have any programs downloading while doing the speed test (Ares, eMule, etc.)

Opening ports is a specific configuration that is performed on a router. It is used when there is software on the local network that acts as a server on the Internet (for example, a web server, a P2P application, cameras, etc.). You will need to contact the technical department if any unusual ports need to be opened.

We offer our clients a technical service for any type of problem that may occur with your television, Internet or phone service. In the case that we cannot resolve this over the phone our technicians shall visit your house in the next 24/48 hours.
This service call is free of charge as long as it has not been caused by the user, in the case that the cables or equipment have been manipulated with (modem cable, Wifi, phones or loss of passwords etc..) or resetting the router, there will be a charge of 20-€ (IVA Included) which will be paid in cash directly to the technician when he finalized the service call.

In the case of non-payment your service will be suspended automatically until we receive payment and there will be a penalization fee of 5-€ that will charged at the same moment that we receive payment and we activate your service.
In order to make things easy for you we send you a text message on the Spanish mobile number that was given to us when the application was done.

You can come into our offices and we can give you a copy or you can contact our Call Center. And you can provide us with your email address and that way you can receive your itemized bill on a monthly basis.

In order to make payment you can come into our offices or call our Customers Services and make payment with a credit/debit card. Please remember there will be a 5-€ penalization fee is for the administration of non-payment.

Your payments will be made through Direct Debit from your Spanish bank account, which will be withdrawn on the 1st of each month to the account number that was given to us on the day of the application.
To avoid non-payment from your bank we recommend that once you have the contract please inform your bank that there will be a direct debit that will be withdrawn by Ole Comunicacion, S.L on a monthly basis.

Yes. The installer that goes to your property will do the installation of the services and configuring the computer in the house. If there is no computer in the house on the day of the installation the installer shall leave everything configured and prepared for the client to connect the service to their computer. However should the client have problems in connecting to our system they can call our Technical Team and they can run through the instructions with you over the phone.

It is not necessary. Ole has their own network system so we can offer our clients all the necessary things to provide a high quality system for Internet & Telephone without any extra costs to our clients.

For any inquiries please email, visit or phone us!

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